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Clinically-proven to absorb sweat + neutralize odor


All Day Fresh: Sweat-activated formula releases actives through the day to fight odor and absorb moisture, even through workouts and stress sweat.

Nourishing Ingredients: Organic Aloe and Glycerin soothes even the most sensitive skin with no irritation!

100% Safe 100% Non-toxic: No aluminum, no parabens, no toxins. You deserve a deodorant with smarter ingredients.

No Stains, No Streaks, No Irritation: No time for BS? This soothing deo cream absorbs instantly and won’t irritate your skin.

For Everyone and Anyone: If you sweat, we've got you covered. Easy squeeze application with a dry-touch finish.


Each full-size tube is 2.8oz (80g).

*Based on a clinical study of short and long term usage of Type:A Deodorant

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Breaking up with aluminum

Your body may need time to adjust to something better. Don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered. Here's what to expect:


✓ While your body is adjusting, you may sweat more or smell differently for about 2 weeks, though some don't experience any adjustment period.


✓ To help the transition along, try using a charcoal or clay mask under your arms, or a mild acid-based toner.


✓ Be consistent. Reverting to antiperspirant makes it harder for your body to adjust.