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A professional, natural looking tan which glides on easily and leaves skin feeling hydrated. Infused with Olive Milk and Vitamin E, this tanning lotion is moisturizing and streak free. Available in Medium and Dark.

  • Perfect for dry or more mature skin

  • Instant Color which helps highlight any areas missed

  • Develops over 4-6 hours and lasts for days

  • Salon and dermatologist tested

  • Made in England 

MSRP $19.99
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  1. Exfoliate with the St. Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer and moisturize dry areas of the skin (knees, elbows, and ankles) with the ST. Moriz Moisturizing Tan Enhancer and allow to dry.

  2. Always use an applicator mitt to prevent staining your palms.

  3. Shake (closed bottle) well before use and then apply a small amount of lotion evenly, in a circular motion onto the body and face.

  4. To avoid streaks on knees and elbows, bend when applying to those areas.

  5. The tan will develop over 4-6 hours. During this time, avoid any contact with water, perspiring, or applying any other products to your skin.

  6. After this time, shower off the guide color with lukewarm water. Avoid using any soaps, shower gels, or shampoo when rinsing..

Tanning Lotion Medium
SKU: Tanning Lotion Medium
UPC#: 5060427350251
Tanning Lotion Dark
SKU: Tanning Lotion Dark
UPC#: 5060427350275
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