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Our Story

From something small to something phenomenal.

It all started with a little tub of a dramatically different kind of sugar scrub. In 2002, after struggling to find a highly moisturizing body exfoliator, beauty entrepreneur Jessica Kernochan set out on a mission to create one of her own.

The marketplace was full of dense and oily scrubs that were a mess to use and exfoliating washes that dried out skin, but Jessica’s goal was to create something new – an indulgent, yet efficacious body scrub that leaves the skin incredibly moisturized, polished, and glowing.

The result was a product formulation that was so unique that no manufacturer could create the innovative texture and unbelievable performance.

So Jessica built her own lab and facility to oversee the creation of her proprietary formulas. She called the brand Lalicious. A range of soufflé-whipped sugar scrubs made with natural ingredients, nourishing oils, and decadent fragrances.

A cult beauty item was born.

Fast forward to today. The LALICIOUS Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub has become a signature treatment in many spas around the world and a beauty industry “must-have” for those addicted to its innovative texture, unparalleled hydration, and glow-inducing exfoliation.

With a growing collection of luxurious body products, LALICIOUS continues to expand its brand with the mission to create temptingly beautiful skin from head to toe.

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Our Products


The LALICIOUS Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub is like no other scrub on the market. Its formula is meticulously crafted to deliver the most hydrating and high performance results. Our specialty technique creates a whipped and light texture for flawless and enjoyable application.


The LALICIOUS Core collection is saturated with compelling scents that create an unforgettable experience. Not only are the scents addictively intoxicating, but they also deliver phenomenal results that make users want to use them over and over again. Combining indulgent scents with truly performance driven results make these products a must-have in every bathroom.

Natural & Nourishing

All of the LALICIOUS products are made using high-quality and natural ingredients that are nourishing to the skin and body. Using ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil give the skin natural hydration that lasts all day. None of our formulas include parabens or sulfates and are never tested on animals.


The LALICIOUS Core collection encompasses rich formulations filled with high quality and efficacious ingredients. The luxurious spa-quality formulas create the perfect at home spa experience allowing for an indulgent escape.

  • fair trade

  • recyclable packaging

  • no animal testing

  • made in the USA

Our Facility


In 2009 we opened a 5500 sf headquarters featuring eco-friendly design in Los Angeles.

LALICIOUS, a thriving luxurious natural beauty brand desired an office that perfectly represented the company’s values and aesthetic.

Constructing an environmentally friendly space for their green products was an important step for the brand. The Kernochans found the ideal raw space in an industrial wind tunnel building and hired well-noted designer, Daryl Olesinski of O+ L Design, to bring their vision to life.

Created by native Californian husband and wife team, Steve and Jessica Kernochan; the LALICIOUS facility reflects their love of beachy scents, nourishing ingredients and an eco friendly ethos.

“O + L designed a new modern addition to house the offices and sales staff while reinventing an abandoned wind tunnel building to allow for growth of production for the growing company.  By applying the modern addition to and the revitalization of the existing structure, a metaphor to the scrubs and lotions the company makes is created.” explains Olesinki

Constructed of very simple, raw materials with exposed wood ceilings and finished wood cabinetry and extensive amounts of glass which facilitates the use of natural light, the space is a beautiful, natural environment that echoes LALICIOUS’s products and the soul of the company.

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