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Vita Set + Perfect
Vita Set + Perfect

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Vita Set + Perfect (Refills)
Vita Set + Perfect (Refills)

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Vita Set + Perfect
Vita Set + Perfect

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Vita Set + Perfect
Vita Set + Perfect

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MSRP: $39.00

VITA SET + PERFECT is a multi-benefit powder that goes beyond setting your foundation that will let you touch-up while you’re on-the-go for a flawless, smooth and photo-ready finish. Anytime, anywhere. Vita Set + Perfect delivers antioxidants and environmental protection. Ginkgo Leaf delivers over 50 antioxidants to protect skin while Plant Peptides strengthen and firm. Lotus Flower smooths, calms and defends from free radical damage while activating collagen production to keep skin smooth and youthful.

  • Improves wear of foundation - long wear

  • Provides potent environmental protection from free radical damage

  • Gives an airbrush finish to makeup

Size: 6g


Translucent: All Skin Tones

Light (Semi-Translucent): Fair to Light

Medium (Semi-Translucent): Medium

Deep (Semi-Translucent): Deep or Matte Bronzer

Bronze (Limited Edition): Soft Illuminating Bronze




Anti-aging ingredient that keeps skin plump, smooth and youthful. This powerful antioxidant helps fight inflammation with cleansing properties that help unclog pores and keep skin blemish-free



Naturally firms skin and smooths lines by stimulating collagen production and strengthening skin barrier for a more plump complexion.



Rich in antioxidants, improves hydration and elasticity of skin.



Balances skin tone, boosts circulation while increasing collagen production to help boost and maintain skin elasticity.

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Vita Set + Perfect Translucent

SKU: Set + Perfect Translucent

UPC#: 850015329371

Translucent Refill (MSRP $39.00)

SKU: Translucent Refill

UPC#: 850015329425

Vita Set + Perfect Light

SKU: Set + Perfect Light

UPC#: 850015329388

Light Refill (MSRP $39.00)

SKU: Light Refill

UPC#: 850015329432

Vita Set + Perfect Medium

SKU: Set + Perfect Medium

UPC#: 850015329395

Medium Refill (MSRP $39.00)

SKU: Medium Refill

UPC#: 850015329449

Vita Set + Perfect Bronze

SKU: Set + Perfect Bronze

UPC#: 850015329418

Bronze Refill (MSRP $39.00)

SKU: Bronze Refill

UPC#: 850015329463

Vita Set + Perfect Deep

SKU: Set + Perfect Deep

UPC#: 850015329401

Deep Refill (MSRP $39.00)

SKU: Deep Refill

UPC#: 850015329456