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2oz: $25.00 
4oz: $38.00

The Makeup Remover Spray

Available in 2oz & 4oz Sizes

Introducing the first spray formulation designed to penetrate makeup and lift it away for effortless removal.

Our 100% active, Vitamin E infused, gentle formula removes the toughest waterproof makeup, liquid lipsticks, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and even eyelash glue without harsh tugging, rubbing, or irritation. No more makeup removal dread with this fast-acting formula that breaks down makeup, removes it from deep within pores, while nourishing and protecting the skin from makeup breakouts. Tested by and formulated for pro-makeup artists.

  • Water-free formulation

  • 100% active ingredients

  • Skin-conditioning vitamin E

  • Begins working instantly

  • No rubbing or tugging

  • Paraben-free and hypoallergenic

  • And like all Skindinavia products, vegan and cruelty-free

SKU: The Remover Spray 2oz
UPC#: 898430001114
SKU: The Remover Spray 4oz
UPC#: 898430001121
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