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Beauty and wellness accessories designed for today's woman!

CLOTH IN A BOX transforms the routine of cleansing and cleaning the skin into a moment of absolute pleasure and relaxation. Our products are an innovative solution that women can count on to make this important stage of life a pleasant and easy time.

Love yourself, body and soul

Our adorable beauty accessories are effective, reusable and gentle on the skin. Each use provides a real dose of love to your body and your face. Like a spa treatment, but at home!

Unique design

Our products are all made from soft and skin-friendly fabrics. The unique heart-shaped design of our towels and cleaning gloves allows for optimal use and comes from a Quebec design.

A design from Quebec, by a woman

Karine Morin and Terry D'Amore are the faces behind the Quebec company Cloth in a Box. A seasoned businesswoman who has worked in the beauty industry for almost 20 years. Karine Morin wanted to offer a product that could fill the gap in the makeup removal routine. Above all, she wished to offer women the freedom to love themselves just as much with or without makeup. In 2012, the designer and her partner developed a solution to this problem. Cloth in a Box is a new way to clean your face that every woman will love and embrace for good.

Our Mission

Helping women of all ages and teenage girls discover not only the importance of good facial and body care, but also the beauty of their skin.

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