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POWER POCKET PUFF™ Dual Sided Powder Puff

The Facts

Your grandma’s powder puff just got a makeover. This double-duty tool is perfectly sized and shaped so you get a meticulous application every time. Unlike messy round puffs, the teardrop shape offers precision to chisel cheekbones, bake concealer, set makeup and so much more. An insanely soft plush pink side contains special fibers that grab and deposit just the right amount of powder. The tan buffed suede side gently reblends makeup so it looks incredibly smooth and seamless, like you just applied it.


Use it with

Powder formulas


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How to use


Deposit powder with the plush, pink side to set and bake makeup. Re-blend and touch-up using the tan, buffed suede side.


Target the contours of the face with the narrow tip. Insert your fingers into the pocket for further precision. Rest your hands on puff during application to prevent makeup from smudging.


Use the finger band for all-over application ease or slide fingers into the pocket for more precision. Please hand-wash only.

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What we're made of


A double-sided, next-generation cosmetic puff that helps to both apply and touch-up powder formulas so makeup looks flawless.