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The Facts

With 5 Detailer brushes made of cruelty-free bristles, each brush is designed to perfect the details. Big Boss blends and set powder to an airy finish while its rollerball tip helps sculpt the contours of your face. High Roller and Shady Lady both de-puff under eyes and help create an impeccably blended eyeshadow look with precision fibers. Wing Man used a curved head to help get eyeliner even and steady. Then, perfect arches with The Player, a triple use brow brush. With 4 multipurpose brushes they will bring you a ton of joy.

beautyblender makeup brushes

POWER POCKET PUFF™ Dual Sided Powder Puff

The Facts

Your grandma’s powder puff just got a makeover. This double-duty tool is perfectly sized and shaped so you get a meticulous application every time. Unlike messy round puffs, the teardrop shape offers precision to chisel cheekbones, bake concealer, set makeup and so much more. An insanely soft plush pink side contains special fibers that grab and deposit just the right amount of powder. The tan buffed suede side gently reblends makeup so it looks incredibly smooth and seamless, like you just applied it.


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Powder formulas

beautyblender Power Pocket Puff


This do-it-all mist hydrates, adds luminosity, refreshes makeup, and gives versatility to your existing makeup. Created with a fine mist nozzle, it doesn’t disturb makeup so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to revive dull skin mid-day or give a matte foundation a dewier look, skin looks just as glowing and gorgeous at 8pm as 8am.

beautyblender Re-Dew